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Details On Jewelry Repair In NYC


Jewelry repair in NYC is of the utmost importance. Throughout the city, you need to have a reliable place to take your jewelry. And it’s much easier to take your jewelry to a place that does all the different repairs that you will need. Some places will only change a watch battery and others will only fix ring prongs.

If you have to go all over the city to get your jewelry repair in New York fixed, it may take you weeks to get everything fixed. Instead, you have the ability to round up all of your jewelry that needs work – whether it’s broken chains, bent prongs or even jewelry in need of cleaning or polishing. Then you can bring it into one jewelry repair shop in New York.

All About Jewelry Repair

There are many types of jewelry repair in New York. Whether you need jewelry repair in Long Island or in the city, you can get it easily. But first, you have to determine what exactly needs to be repaired or done to your jewelry.

You can have virtually any kind of jewelry repaired. Think about your earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, anklets and any other jewelry that you may have. If you have something in your jewelry box that you haven’t been able to wear, bring it out to a jewelry repair shop so that it can be fixed, re-shaped, resized or polished so that it is wearable again.

Where others fail, we excel. Some jewelry repair shops are only as good as the parts they have on hand. We have gone as far as crating our own locks and end caps as needed to fit with the type of jewelry that you have. This ensures that all mechanisms of the jewelry works without affecting the vintage look that may correspond with the piece.

We offer services that you won’t see in all jewelry repair shops. We take things a step further and offer stone mounting, including precious and semi-precious. We can also handle stone replacement, pearl and bead restringing and much more.
Should you want any kind of jewelry engraving, we will be happy to accommodate you as well. We do both laser and hand engraving to ensure you get the look that you desire.

How to Get Jewelry Repair

You shouldn’t struggle with getting jewelry repair in the city. You should be able to get jewelry repair in Brooklyn, jewelry repair in Staten Island and even jewelry repair in Queens. The reality of it is, you may not have very many options around you – but that’s OK. Now that you have found the Jewelry Doctor in New York, you will be able to obtain all of the repairs you need.

There’s no need to bring in all of your jewelry only to stand on a line of people. You can call and make an appointment, ensuring you get the one on one service that you deserve. We will look over your jewelry, discuss the various repair options and provide you with a quote. This will ensure you know exactly what we’re doing and exactly what it will cost so there are no surprises in the end.

Contact us today to learn about exactly what we can offer you in terms of jewelry repair in NYC. Regardless of where you are located, the type of repair you need or the amount of jewelry that you need repaired, we are pleased to offer exceptional services and pricing to you.

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