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Jewelry Repair In New York

Jewelry is precious. Dr. Jeweler offers a full range of services in New York to keep your jewelry sparkling. We work on protecting and enhancing your jewelry irrespective of the metal type. We repair, refurbish, restore and redesign platinum and palladium jewelry, 10k, 14k, 18k,  22k gold jewelry and even P4 metal. We make sure that your jewelry looks the best. Our jewelry repair includes regular soldering and laser soldering of chains, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc.

Our team of skilled team of jewelers work with extreme precision when it comes to stone settings. We finely retip prongs to ensure it is set properly, no matter how active your lifestyle is.

We also provide a repair of any form of a necklace that comes our way, be it pearl restringing, bead restringing or fixing a knotted chain. You can place your trust in us and get the necklace back to its original condition.

Jewelry Repair In New York
Watch Repair Services

Watch Repair Services

We offer a lot of types of jewelry repair in New York. From platinum and palladium jewelry repair to 10k, 14k, 18k, some 22k gold jewelry repair and even P4 that is new metal in Jewelry Industry. There isn’t a type of jewelry that we are unable to repair. We offer full line of jewelry repair which include: regular soldering and laser soldering of chains, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. to be sure that we are able to make all of the necessary repairs that may come up.

When it comes to stone settings, it’s important for a stone to stay in the setting. Our services include retipping prongs to ensure the stone is properly set and won’t go anywhere, no matter how hard you work or play.

We offer necklace repair of virtually any kind of necklace that you may have. Whether it is pearl restringing, bead restringing or fixing a knotted chain with a chain repair, you can depend on us to get the necklace back to its original condition.

Custom Jewelry Repair in New York

Custom Jewelry Repair in New York

We can restore your bracelet to its mint condition. We also experts in fixing bent hollow bangle bracelets. Our Jewelry Repair in Brooklyn can reform bracelets that get damaged due to extended wear.

You name the jewelry, and we’ll repair it. Earrings, rings and even anklet repair is a piece of cake for us. Dr. Jeweler is one of the best repair shops in NYC. We do our job with sheer dedication and honesty. Our experience gives us an upper hand over other jewelry repair service in NYC. That is why we proudly call ourselves experts in jewelry repair.

If you need more answers to your questions regarding jewelry repair, please give us a call. We will work on a simple piece of jewelry, a designer piece of jewelry, a family heirloom or your favorite fine jewelry with similar dedication and skill.

Renew Your Jewelry

Breathe new life into your unused jewelry with our 

Re-New Your Jewelry Experience. 

I invite you to send us your unworn pieces. Together, we will recycle the metal and reuse the stones to transform your jewelry into a new design. Simply begin by taking our quiz.

Renew Your Jewelry

Repair Services

Jewelry Repair

  • Ring Repair
  • Chain Repair
  • Bracelet Repair
  • Engraving
  • Restringing
$50 / and Up

Watch Repair

  • Crystal Replacement
  • Appraisal
  • Polishing
  • Service
  • Bands / Straps
$50 / and Up

Call Jewelry Repair
New York:

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+1 (646) 835-0843

Are you looking for something out of the box and unique?

Dr. Jeweler will surpass all your expectations

Our skilled and trained team of professionals, master jewelers, and an on-site team of designers have immense knowledge and understanding of traditional, modern, and contemporary techniques of repair and styling. You can pick a classic, vintage or trending style for your jewelry, and it would be fixed or designed as per your requirement. We will create your masterpiece like how you imagined it and well within your budget.

We love to design a special piece of jewelry for a client that personally holds some significance in their lives or one that matches their outfit for an upcoming occasion. We keep our clients involved throughout the designing process to make the final product more desirable, personal and meaningful.

Dr. Jeweler
Custom Jewelry in New York

Custom Jewelry in New York

When you visit us, bring us some photos or sketches that inspired you from magazines or the Internet. Our designer will examine the possibilities and review examples based on actual pieces of jewelry.  We can then discuss the stone quality and sourcing, metal types, comfort and wear. With this, we will also share options for recycled and sustainable materials.

We will create the design using a photo-realistic 3D image by computer-aided design (CAD). We want it to match your expectations. With our designers’ professional knowledge and your input, we will keep altering the rendered design until it is approved by you.

Translating the design into an actual product is the most crucial step. We majorly use recycled gold and silver and pure platinum and palladium.

Our gem setters are masters of all diamond setting techniques like micro-pavé, channel, bead, gipsy and prong. Each stone is set with precision by hand to match the exact specifications in your design. We ensure extreme care while doing so.

Gradually, we give it a shine, texture and detail it to perfection. Before showcasing the piece, we thoroughly examine it. Each detail is reviewed to guarantee that every step of the process has yielded the perfect design to exceed your expectations.

We would love to hear from you.

Leave your name and email below along with what you are looking for, or you can call / text us on: +1 (646) 835-0843

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    Customer Reviews

    Bryan Williams
    Bryan Williams
    Got my double chain turned into two separate chains. Very pleased with the service and for a great price as well. Thank you.
    Shawna Hansen
    Shawna Hansen
    A friend recommended them, and I can't be additional grateful.. Ever since I started taking my valuable pieces there, I have had consider but satisfaction. I just love working with them.. Thanks you so much!!!
    Ryan D. Andrade
    Ryan D. Andrade
    My old diamond rings were repaired in a proceeding of two hours as I shopped in the mall... The projection holding the stones in were cleaned extremely well.
    Larry King
    Larry King
    The folks at this company were very attentive, friendly, and professional. They listened to my needs and assured me of a professional repair.. It only took an hour to fix both my ring and neckpiece. Thanks!!
    Ronald L. Mask
    Ronald L. Mask
    I can not be more impressed... The jewelers performed a miracle on every one and every old gold wedding ring.... They sparkle as I have never seen before. I will definitely come back again and again.
    Steven Lindquist
    Steven Lindquist
    It is my third pattern working with this company on my jewelry repair. The jewelers are excellent friendly, enjoyment, and professional.... They are moreover very friendly and sprightly. My to go, guys!!!
    Terry J Graham
    Terry J Graham
    I was surprised at their classification services and at such affordable charge. I took my wedding ring for a minor restoration, and they went ahead to offer it a excellent cleaning. Thank you for your services! Extremely recommended.
    Sondra Elliott
    Sondra Elliott
    We just got engaged, and the rings needed to be sized and need replace with a missing diamond.. They did an excellent job within three hours.. Thanks!!
    Bonnie Carroll
    Bonnie Carroll
    Just had Alfonso and his team complete their work today. It was a really nice experience overall, with Alfonso working with us to determine what would be the necessary work required for our tree trimming needs. Very competitive pricing. Did everything as expected with a full team, cleaned up the place, and took great care not to damage the property. Highly recommended!
    Meylin Lopez
    Meylin Lopez
    They did an amazing job restoring my opal ring that had a lot of sentimental value to me. The stone had breaks all over from continuously falling off the band. They smoothed the stone without losing a lot of the shape or size (which was a huge concern). They secured it very nicely to the band and the finished product was beautiful. I was very happy! Posted here are the before and after pics.


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