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Dr. Jeweler

Metal Polishing In NYC

Dr. Jeweler offers metal polishing in NYC which is a popular service. Bring your jewelry to us if it is scratched or your silver is losing color. We will be able to fix it by offering polishing services for your jewelry to enhance the overall appearance of the jewelry. We wouldn’t advise you to any of the jewelry or metal polishing on your own. Show us your metals that require polishing, and we will show people throughout New York City that trust us with their metals, jewelry and precious stones.

All About Metal Polishing In NYC

Metal polishing in NYC is a familiar service. Metal polishing helps to brighten the metal and hide some scratches that have shown up over time. It makes your jewelry new and attractive, and you can enjoy wearing it for a prolonged period since it looks stunning.


We cater to plenty of jewelry repairs, but our metal polishing in NYC is not just for jewelry. Major metal polishing shops work only on rings and necklaces, but we are also involved in silverware and other silver household items. Silver gets tarnished considerably, and it can take requires hard work to get it back to its natural state. With the day to day hustle, and we know, individuals do not have the time or the skill to commit to elbow grease silver. We can happily come to your rescue and reduce your burden.

You will not regret trusting us for metal polishing. Many of our customers have trusted us for years, not only with metal polishing but with jewelry repairs, too. We offer cost-effective pricing to make sure you do not have to go browsing all over the city, hoping to find a cheaper place to have your metal polished. We offer a variety of jewelry based services. We are the one-stop destination for all your metal and jewelry needs.

Dr. Jeweler

Metal Polishing In NYC Is Done While You Wait

Very few places offer metal polishing in NYC while you wait. We are proud of this service due to the lack of its availability. Sometimes, when the work behind a metal is tremendous, we will tell you there and then that we can’t complete it immediately. This is why we encourage you to book an appointment. Prior bookings allow us to serve you better. customer service, and you can witness it yourself with every service that we offer. If our word is not enough, have several satisfied customers that can vouch for us themselves. 

We are reasonably priced and will be happy to provide you with a free quote for metal polishing in NYC. You can bring in the metals that need polishing together or one piece at a time to see if we polish to your standards. We are committed to providing first-class customer service, and you can witness it yourself with every service that we offer. If our word is not enough, have several satisfied customers that can vouch for us themselves. 

Metal polishing in NYC is offered by many, but only a few use appropriate techniques for each specific type of metal. Most metals require a similar kind of polish, and they use it on everything. But we are aware of each metal being different and unique. Hence, we take more than a single kind of polish in use. We use the best quality polish to provide you with the most pristine-looking end product, i.e. the metal. After polishing, the metal will be in the best possible condition, and you can see it for yourself. 

Call us to inquire about our metal polishing service and any other jewelry repair services that need to get fixed. We assure you of top-notch service.

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