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Dr. Jeweler

Jewelry Polishing In NYC

Jewelry polishing in NYC is a service needed by many. Of course, you can purchase a jewelry cleaning solution but, what if you are not able to use it properly, or you can’t figure out which one to buy. It’s the sheer wastage of money. Our jewelry polishing would ensure that your jewelry looks as beautiful as the first time you wore it. Dr. Jeweler works on polishing gold, silver and platinum jewelry.

Jewelry Polishing In NYC Is For Any Jewelry

Whether you have a platinum tennis bracelet, a gold wedding band or silver earrings, we can polish it all. Our jewelry polishing in NYC is a well-known service offered by us. It will enhance the look of your jewelry and will add exceptional sparkle to your precious jewelry piece. Polishing is the solution to your problem.


Today, it essential to be aware of the benefit of jewelry polishing in NYC. It not only adds sparkle to the jewelry but successfully overlaps and hides certain visible flaws that have shown up over time. Scratches are visible on the surface of metals, especially platinum. Over the years, you can see a lot of tiny scratches all over platinum jewelry. A little polish added to it can do wonders.

We will be happy to discuss every minute detail about jewelry polishing with you. Jewelry polishing enhances the overall appearance of your jewelry. At times, you might require more than just a polishing service from us. Those services will likely be jewelry finishing, cleaning and maybe some repairs. Instead of hoarding and secluding your jewelry, bring it to us.  We will polish it and make it just like the first time you held it.

Dr. Jeweler

Get Jewelry Polishing In NYC Today

Take advantage of jewelry polishing in NYC today. If you have delayed getting your jewelry polished because you don’t know the right place to take it to. Now is the time to stop looking. Our experience of over four decades in jewelry repairs and polishing says enough about our credibility in the market. Our customers can vouch for the safety and security of your jewelry.

We can only provide you with a free quote once we see the jewelry. The cost will be economical and competitive. We will make sure you know the quote prior to working. Since our prices are cost-effective, you would not even think twice. We will tell you the approximate time required for polishing your jewelry, and at times we can complete polishing your jewelry while you wait.

Your journey towards better-looking jewelry commences with a phone call. We can answer all your queries once you book an appointment with us. You can bring in any jewelry pieces that require the slightest repairs. We would be happy to help. To ease business for a jewelry dealer, we offer pickup and delivery services.

Try to avoid dealing with polish products that can damage your expensive precious jewelry. Your saving money might take a wrong turn and ruin the jewelry. All because you were trying to save some bucks. Eventually, you might end up spending thousands of dollars to repair it or replace it. Eliminating this stage is in your hands. Call our professionals to get all your solutions.

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