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Dr. Jeweler

Ring Sizing In NYC

You may need ring sizing in NYC. What’s insane is that most jewelry stores will sell you a ring, but they won’t resize it for you. And if you bought your ring from another store, you can forget about them trying to help you. The best part is that we offer the ring sizing service, so you do not have to look everywhere in the city.

The Importance Of Ring Sizing In NYC

Everyone has a different size. Whole and half sizes are the common ones we come across in jewelry stores. These are mainly 7 in female and 10 for males. But a ring requires the perfect fit. It can be too tight, or it may be hard to get over the knuckle. It can also be very loose, and you might risk losing it if it slides off. If your ring doesn’t fit properly, you need ring sizing in NYC.


Rings tighten or loosen for us if we lose or put on weight. If your ring no longer fits, it is the right time to get it fixed. Various ring guards can be used to make the ring tighter but aren’t very comfortable. It detracts the visual appearance of the ring and ends up damaging the shank of the ring. For loosening the ring, honestly, no product in the world will help you.

You might have self bought the ring, it may be a gift, or it may have been a family hand down to you through the generations. If you want to gift it to someone, it needs to be sized again for the person you’re gifting or handing it down. Either way, you require our ring sizing in NYC service so that you achieve an ideal fit. It is in your hands to personalize the fit of your ring to feel like it’s your own.

Dr. Jeweler

Get Ring Sizing In NYC While You Wait

Most jewelry shops measure your finger to size your ring, keep the ring for days and call you once the ring sizing in NYC is complete. This process will make you wait for days, if not weeks. We won’t make you wait this long. Often, we can complete ring resizing while you wait.

Some jewelry shops fail to provide the perfect fit even after a finger is measured. We prefer to do it while you wait to ensure that it fits perfectly. If you walk out the door and the fit isn’t up to the mark, then we haven’t done our job. This is why we need to offer this service for your benefit as well as ours.

What is the point of buying gorgeous pieces of rings that don’t fit you? It doesn’t matter how beautiful they are if you can’t flaunt them. We want you to wear rings that are your own. So bring them to us if they don’t fit well. We will make sure it fits perfectly. We have a significant amount of tools, and our professionals possess skills that can fix even the tightest or loosest of rings and size them to perfection.

Don’t risk the chance of a ring falling off or not miss out on wearing the ring because it’s too tight. Our services are affordable, reliable and swift.  Call us and book an appointment so we can provide you with the fit you deserve.        

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